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NBomber Enterprise

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NBomber Enterprise

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Load test any system with a distributed cluster.

Modern and flexible load testing framework for Pull and Push scenarios, designed to test any system regardless of a protocol (HTTP/WebSockets/AMQP, etc.) or a semantic model (Pull/Push).

What’s included

  • Self-hosted distributed cluster
  • Unlimited number of clusters
  • Unlimited number of nodes per cluster
  • NBomber agent's metrics (CPU, RAM, etc.)
  • Real-time reporting
  • Grafana dashboard
  • InfluxDB reporting sink
  • ElasticSearch logger
  • K8s metrics plugin
  • Report formats: [HTML, CSV, TXT, MD]
  • CI/CD integration

Download method

NBomber Enterprise is shipped via private NuGet feed.

After purchase, you will get a NuGet access token and license key. It gives your company access to the latest NBomber Enterprise packages.

All memberships include a 1 month free trial
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Your company will get access to NBomber Cluster with all plugins and integrations.

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